1. Disappointed.

    I’m eating the world’s most disgusting bagel. I’m fighting myself, trying to find the middle ground between wanting to go back and throw if it in their face and spit it all over the counter and feeling sorry for the poor people who have invested their life into such a terrible business.
    I want to be compassionate. I do.
    But these days, everyone thinks it’s so easy to make a quick buck. They just jump on board with the newest trend, or franchise and they don’t even care about what it is they are actually doing.
    That’s what I hate about stupid strip malls.
    So many terrible hair and nail salons to choose from. 
    Do you REALLY love painting nails or is it easy to buy a bottle of polish and paint it on fingers?
    And then you wonder why within a year or so they all close down.
    Too much too soon. Not enough care goes into businesses.

    I should have known with this bagel. But I’ve been disappointed by so much lately that I’m willing to give everything the benefit of the doubt.
    "Rolled and baked daily."
    Everyone knows you boil bagels first.
    And it’s so thick and crunchy, but not because it’s over toasted.

    Just like coffee shops. It’s a good idea, but you don’t even know the slightest thing about coffee. You just go to the warehouse to buy everything you need and you think it is enough.
    It’s not enough.

    But maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m just too hard to please. Maybe I just expect more out of things. More out of my money, my hope, my dreams, my life.
    Maybe it’s just wrong for me to expect more from this world.
    I mean, as advanced as this world is you would think people would want more, but I guess I’m just alone in this. I guess I should continue to settle.

    These are just my jumbled thoughts. Incomplete.